Cannabis Sommelier – Finest CBD Weed Shop & 24h Online Shop – Social Club Cannabis Sommelier – Finest CBD Weed Shop & 24h Online Shop Beim Cannabis Sommlier findest Du in unserem CBD Shop die feinste Auswahl an legalen CBD Weed Blüten und CBD Hanf / Cannabis Extrakten. Neben CBD Weed Blüten kannst Du bei uns auch hochqualitative CBD Öle / Kosmetik, CBD Tinkturen, CBD Cremes sowie sämtliches Headshop Equipment, CBD und Cannabis Rauch und Verdampfungszubehör (Vaporizer) bei uns im Laden im Zürich Niederdorf testen oder bequem online bestellen.

The Swiss Medicines Ordinance states that direct promises of healing in connection with CBD hemp products and by CNBS Unlimited GmbH are generally prohibited. The CBD products offered are not intended for medical use or for the prophylaxis or treatment of ailments and diseases. For risks and side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the effects of CBD cannabis/hemp products. We ask our customers for their understanding and to make their own experiences, as unfortunately we cannot give any recommendations on the dosage of CBD cannabis products. However, we would be happy to advise you on the technical differences between the alternatives to using CBD cannabis products – in general, we recommend not smoking CBD cannabis products, but via phyto-inhalation(vape) and always without consuming the addictive and very harmful tobacco.

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