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Cannacares began as a way to support people to take control of their health and self-care. In 2018, our founder Isaac saw the developments happening within the global Medical Cannabis industry: providing scientifically proven, sustainable and natural alternatives to confusing and secretive pharmaceutical treatments currently provided. In 2019, Isaac set out to create a cannabis brand with integrity that would eventually grow, as legislation allowed, to give people access to the full natural powers of cannabis. This started with CBD. He wanted to create a way for people to access this natural treatment directly; with all the insight and information they need to have power over their own wellness.

In building a CBD brand with integrity, the aim was to be able to provide people with the best over-the-counter cannabis treatments as legal and medical advancements took place.

Although a lot has changed at Cannacares since Isaac first started, our values remain the same. We work with the top innovators in the Biotech and Medical Cannabis world to bring a wide range of products straight to consumers. We’ve spoken with scientists and chemists on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research, to ensure we have the best delivery methods available (from sublingual wafers to transdermal patches). We’ve partnered with some of the biggest innovators in the biopharmaceutical world to provide effective and targeted products, all whilst keeping them at an affordable and accessible price.

We are looking for two interns to help continue the great work we’ve been doing. We have an affiliate programme, connections with ambassadors, a strong social media presence and a community of customers. We are looking for someone passionate and hardworking to join our start-up team and help us in the management of these programmes.


  • Engaging with the Cannacares community, through answering calls and questions
  • Helping to run our social media accounts (posting IG stories, creating IG reels, etc.)
  • Helping to coordinate the ambassador programme
  • Helping with operational tasks within the office (sending PR, fulfilling orders)
  • Occasionally working front of house in our Hampstead Shop
  • Working on market research tasks prescribed by our CEO
  • Aiding the team on delivering their new customer service and brand strategy
  • The interns would need to be available to work in our Hampstead office daily. This is not a remote position.
  • This is the opportunity to work for a fast-growing consumer brand on the forefront of innovation. It will be a great way to learn about the Cannabis and Wellness industries, and experience how running an e-commerce business works first hand.
  • We are a small team, so each individual gets stuck in with the work that we do. We are looking for engaged and motivated interns, who are as excited about the CBD industry as we are.
  • CANNACARES focuses on Pharmaceuticals, E-Commerce, and Marijuana. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that’s between 1-10 employees. You can view their website at

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