Job Description

ANC Inc. is looking for a diligent and hard-working Data Entry Associate to assist our Quality Assurance team.

The Data Entry Assistant ensures that all documentation, records, and data trackers are compliant and accurate as to meet or exceed Canadian Cannabis regulations for Good Production Practices as well as the standards set out by the Cannabis Act, Health Canada.

Duties include writing, reviewing, and recording day-to-day reconciliation of cannabis, meeting daily & monthly goals set out by management, and keeping up to date on client requirements.

The Data Entry Assistant is responsible for tracking, monitoring, and reporting on cannabis reconciliations, shipping and receiving tracking, completing batch records on the reconciliation of cannabis, record keeping of samples and laboratory occurrences.

Achieves Quality Assurance objectives by monitoring and assigning day to day activities; identifying and addressing gaps and problems; implementing change and providing regular feedback to the QAP regarding system performance and issues.

Having experience in a licensed cannabis facility in Canada is an asset but not required

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Verifying records from Pre-rolls, QC, packaging, and grow team
  • Starting and completing batch records, Establish Quality Assurance functions such as batch/ lot record review, recording shipping of sampling and retention, completing chain of custody’s/shipping manifests for cannabis shipments and receiving
  • Verifying receiving documents
  • Updating excel sheets
  • Learning each of ANC’s customers and partners
  • Shipping product to other Licensed producers and retailers
  • Verifying samples and creating sample submissions
  • Ability to report issues to their lead
  • Participating in audits
  • Ability to communicate in a professional and well-mannered tone
  • Understanding chain of custody’s (COC), how to read them, how to create them
  • Understanding certificate of analyses (CoAs) and what their results mean
  • Cross training in production to understand the in’s and out’s of production lines
  • Develop day to day working relationships with all staff.
  • You will be working in the facility for part of your day and getting cross trained on all area of production.
  • Other duties as necessary

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