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Job SummaryThe Dispensary Associate is responsible for guiding a customer on their journey into cannabis by educating them on the benefits and potential side effects. In this role, you will need to be knowledgeable enough to speak to customers about various products and their effects while providing excellent customer service. The primary function of a Dispensary Associate is to facilitate a customer s purchase per State regulations, while providing an exceptional customer experience. Key Responsibilities Provide exceptional customer service to customers, guests, and coworkers. Provide empathy and compassion to patients. Provide the TruExperience through elevated patient service standards, behaviors, and product knowledge. Assist Assistant Managers and Shift Supervisors with returns in accordance with company policy. Prepare and process patient orders in a timely and efficient manner. Follow Trulieve Policies and Procedures. Work directly with the TruHost and Reception to enhance the customer experience. Assist customer with any product or device issues. Work with leadership and management to find solutions to customer issues. Document customer issues and concerns on the customer s profile. Maintain a clean and well-stocked workstation throughout the shift. Any other task(s) as assigned by Management. Employees MAY be required to perform additional team tasks on an as needed basis. Please let us know if there are any issues performing additional duties within some of the crossover job descriptions below. Additional Responsibilities as Delivery Associate: Verify products on the manifests match the products in each delivery before leaving the facility. Communicate clearly to the customer, deliver product on time and safely. Maintain records for each delivery in accordance with state and federal law, as well as company policy. Process orders in the POS system and complete dispensation during each delivery. Keep cash and products securely locked in the green bins stored in the trunk of the vehicle. Inspect and maintain the delivery vehicles and all related equipment, putting in repair requests with management as necessary to maintain safe operation. Relay customer feedback, including concerns, complaints, damaged deliveries, returns, and competitive knowledge whenever it is presented. Monitor and evaluate safe work practices and maintain a safe work environment. Represent and uphold TruValues while facilitating in store-to-store transfers, patient deliveries, and service requests. Must possess a valid driver s license and a clean driving record. Education and Experience High-school diploma or equivalent and experience in the field or in a similar field. Must be at least 21 years of age. Prior experience, preferably in retail and/or customer service area is a plus. Must have prior cash handling experience. Ability to work independently in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and with a variety of personalities at various seniority levels. Must possess excellent people skills and be able to communicate effectively with others in both verbal and written form. Must be able to work effectively without supervision and in a team environment. Strong interpersonal skills, business sense, and professionalism to communicate with all levels of management and staff ability to uphold a strict level of confidentiality and discretion. Able to understand and follow written/oral instructions. Ability to interact with customers and team members respectfully and politely. Able to communicate in conversational English to work effectively with customers and team members, operate electronic equipment (computer, laptop), comprehend safety procedures, and utilize telecommunication devices. Must possess the mental and physical capacities necessary to perform the job duties. Must possess a valid driver s license and a clean driving record to fulfill the Delivery Driver role. Must be able to pass a comprehensive background record check. Additional Requirements Must be able to move intermittently throughout the workday. Must be able to see and hear or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately to ensure requirements of this position can be fully met. Must function independently, and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with residents, personnel, and support agencies. Must be able to relate to and work with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and at times hostile people in the facility. Physical Requirements Must be able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 25 lbs. to a minimum height of 5 feet and able to push, pull, move, and/or carry such weight a minimum distance of 50 feet, with or without mechanical assistance Must be able to work seated/standing as appropriate at workstations for extended periods of time, maintain body equilibrium while climbing ladders, stairways, stopping, kneeling, crouching, and reaching, and use hands/fingers to hold, grasp, turn, pick, pinch frequently/constantly to complete tasks Must have visual acuity with/without job aids to perform activities such as reading, viewing a computer terminal, visual inspection involving small parts/details. Clarity of vision at 20 ft or more in day and night/dark conditions Must be able to speak and communicate verbally at conversation levels with co-workers, vendors, etc. (Moderate noise) Salary will be commensurate with experience. A comprehensive benefits package including paid time off is offered with this position. This position will work an average of 40 hours per week and will be available after hours if an emergency situation should arise. 

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