DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller

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The DLM-4 Zone Controller is specially designed to set up a Daily Lighting Management system for your Dutch Lighting Innovations fixtures.

The DLM-4 Zone Controller can be connected to up to 4 separate zones of DLI lighting fixtures.

Each zone can control up to 255 lights and 1 sensor, so in total you can control 1020 lights and 4 sensors.

Once connected to the fixtures, the controller will monitor and control (Turn ON and OFF) the lights using a digital timeclock.

Up to 4 separate temperature sensors can be connected that will measure the temperature of up to 4 zones / growing areas.

The user can select to dim the lights if the temperature goes above their chosen setpoint, or to turn the lights off.

How to set the controller up:

The controller comes with a simple to use DIN type bracket.

Pull the 4 tabs outward to release the bracket from the unit, mount the bracket to a wall or surface, place the unit back on the bracket and press the 4 tabs back in to lock the unit in place.

The interconnecting communication cables are available in different lengths, select the correct length for your application.

The DLM-4 Zone Controller is supplied with a 4ft cable and 16ft cable.

The interconnecting cables are also available in 25′ and 50′ lengths. Select the correct length for your application.

Each zone can have separate dimming actions to take place, and each zone can have it own separate temperature sensor that monitors the zone temperature.

Firmware updates

On a regular basis DLI will release updated firmware / software for the DLM-4 Zone Controller.

The new firmware will update older versions firmware, or add new functions to the DLM-4 Zone Controller.

By registering your DLM-4 Zone Controller on https://dutchlightinginnovations.com/product-registration/

We can notify you when an update is available.

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Warranty: 3 Year ballast, 1 Year bulb
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DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller

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