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GroLab™ Pro Kit is the most complete automation kit you’ll ever get. It allows to fully monitor and automate the climate, lighting, irrigation, pH correction, nutrients dosing, and all the tank management tasks, while constantly checking your substrate moisture and feeding your plants only when necessary.

This kit also provides the necessary tools to create security systems to react and/or notify if any issues arise.Remote control, real-time notifications, IP cameras integration… are just some of the perks you get with GroLab™.

What does GroLab™ Pro Kit allows me to control?
Example Configuration

Get rid of all the timers, triplets and messy cables hanging in your growing area, and ensure a proper feeding solution for your plants, with precise nutrients dosing and auto pH correction. With the smart irrigation based on substrate’s moisture, you will even save water and keep the perfect conditions for your plants.

With this configuration you get precise control of your lamps, configuring the growing days from 18h/6h to 12h/12h in one click, allowing even to make an 8h/8h day if you wish so.


The PowerBot’s temperature and humidity probe enable the control of the ventilation, lowering the consumption for this device while optimizing the climate in your growing area.

Connecting two water pumps to PowerBot allows the control of irrigation (hydroponics and soil), from the basic weekday’s selection (one hour in the morning every other day) to the enhanced recurrent schedule (5 minutes every hour). The GroLab™ Software allows the creation of schedules to feed any kind of grow type with extreme precision.


Thanks to the SoilBot, you can keep the substrate under control (both soil or hydroponics), constantly monitoring and performing any correction you desire. For example, you can create an alarm that triggers a timed drip irrigation whenever the percentage of moisture in the soil drops to a minimum value, or even use some device to heat or cool the soil based on the SoilBot’s temperature sensor. In the hydroponics you can use the substrate moisture sensor to warn you if the bed is getting too dry, meaning a pump might be broken. Not only it can warn you, but it can also take action and stop the pump. The same happens with the detection of a flood or a leak. Notifications, selective shutdown, are just some of the procedures you can configure.


TankBot will ensure the perfect health of the nutrients solution, automatically adjusting your pH, while dispensing the correct amount of nutrients every time a refill is made. It can even handle a full tank refill on its own. Due to the ability to control solenoids, you can use TankBot as an irrigation path creator, with one single water pump feed different grows at different times.

TankBot is also a powerful security tool since you can sample any universal switch sensor, like smoke or motion detectors, allowing, for example, to shut down all your room or the whole system, and even send you an e-mail when, someone gets too near, or smoke is detected. All of these procedures and options are fully customizable!

This configuration easily manages an area with two distinct growing systems, ensuring a complete automation of lighting, climate, nutrients dosing, auto pH correction, and smart irrigation for each growing system independently. If you use this configuration you will still have two inputs available for moisture sensors in the SoilBot and one input available in the PowerBot (universal switch sensor, that can be used for a motion/smoke detector or water level sensor).

In this configuration, there are still one output available in the TankBot. You are free to use it for whatever device you may find suitable, from a solenoid to dosing pump, or a power relay that handles lights, ventilators, etc.

GroLab™ offers data-logging and data-storing, these features ensure that all the information about sensors/devices is collected and stored over time! Thanks to these and to the data-visualization features, it is possible to do a detailed analysis of the life cycle of your plants, enabling you to maximize their growth and efficiency!


GroLab™ Software is always under development. If a newer version is available, the system will automatically update. The same happens for any of the included modules, this means that your GroLab™ Pro Kit will have access to any improvements that our development team implements in the near future.


Remember, one GroNode supports up to 4 PowerBots, 4 TankBots, 4 SoilBots, and 4 UserBots. You are free to spread them between 4 different areas with two different grows each. Whenever you need a new vegetative, cloning or flowering room, simply extend your GroLab™ system by adding the desired extra modules.


Your plants are our concern! GroLab™ team is here to help you surpass any difficulties while installing or configuring the system, as well as help to troubleshoot any issues you may have. We’re committed to your complete satisfaction, and we won’t let a GroLab™ Kit or peripheral to be left out of use. By phone, e-mail, support ticket, Skype, just contact us and in less than 24 hours someone from our team will come to your aid.


  • Includes: 1 Starter Kit, 1 TankBot Kit, 1 SoilBot Kit, 1 GroLab™ software, manuals and video tutorials
  • *This kit contains one GroNode, allowing you to further expand your control just by adding extra modules. GroNode can control a max of 4 PowerBots, 4 TankBots, 4 SoilBot and 4 UserBots.
  • 2 Year Warranty

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ICE offers a platform to facilitate sale and purchase of equipment and accessories. We honour the OEM return policy for new products and used products are governed by the seller policy. Please reach out to your ICE specialist to get more information about the return policy and warranty details for a specific product.


ICE offers a platform to facilitate sale and purchase of equipment and accessories. We honour the OEM warranty policy for new products and used products are governed by the seller policy. Please reach out to your ICE specialist to get more information about the warranty details for a specific product.

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