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Over 40 years experience about the production of plastic films for agriculture
Aniplast has over 35 years experience about covers on vineyards, shed structures, flat system installation, greenhouses. At the beginning of the 80's, on a field owned by Aniplast’s family, the householder experimented the use of plastic film with the idea to anticipate the ripening period. The great result encouraged the family to start a business about production of plastic films for vineyards.

Aniplast is one of the most important manufacturers of polyethylene film for agriculture,plastic films for vineyards, cherries and orchards. The purposes of Aniplast’s products are to advance ripening period obtaining at the same time a total protection from hail and rain, to postpone the harvest and to reduce the use of pesticides obtaining a healthy fruit Nowadays Aniplast team is composed by 20 person that work together to satisfy client’s needs and to improve the results step by step

Services Offered

  • Plastic Films
  • vineyard covers
  • flat system installation
  • Shed Structures

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Viale Gerardo Decaro Puglia, Italy, 70016

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