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Microbox micropropagation containers feature a revolutionary patented depth-filtration system that for air flow, but blocks contamination, providing the best available protection against pests and diseases.

Choice of filter will depend on a number of parameters, such as plant variety, incubation time, atmospheric and lighting conditions in the incubation chamber, number of plants per container, growth phase plants, and volume and composition of growing medium in the culture vessels.

As a rule, # 10 and # 30 filters (white and red) are designed for plants with a long incubation time, whereas the # 40 filters (green) are developed for plants in need of a high gas exchange and/or plants that spend less time in the Microbox. Comparative in-situ tests are necessary to decide which filter type is appropriate.

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  • Zipper Filter PP Bag
  • Membrane Filter PE Bag
  • Microbox Containers
  • RA Polystyrene Containers
  • Equipment

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