Meet Our Team

Chris Besenyoi

Founder & CEO

Chris has been a successful industry consultant for the past 12 years helping many current cannabis producers obtain their license and remain compliant with government regulations. Chris, through his other venture CSB Security Inc, has worked with many well-known consultants in the industry and has met with government officials not only in Canada and the USA, but also abroad, to assist with the creation of their respective cannabis regulations. Through CSB Security Inc, Chris has become a very well-known trusted advisor to many and has a vast network of contacts in various corners of the world. It was roughly 5 years ago that Chris noticed a gap in the industry and decided to launch a new venture – ICE Cann.

ICE started out as Industrial Cannabis Equipment and has become a state-of-the-art International Cannabis Marketplace you see today. The intent behind the initiative was to not only bring suppliers of high-quality equipment together in one giant marketplace but was to also help “even the playing field” by reducing the amount of extra costs applicants were incurring due to the unfairly high price of equipment at the time. Add in the ability for anyone to post their used equipment, our equipment website was a hit with Cannabis producers everywhere. Fast forward to today’s new ICE website and it quickly becomes apparent that Chris has really bridged the gap and created a well-rounded, high-functioning, international, Cannabis industry showcase.

Chris continues to operate CSB Security Inc while being the fearless leader of ICE. With the amount of industry knowledge Chris has, together with his desire to create one massive International Cannabis community, ICE continues to provide an ideal international marketplace where any business, big or small, can flourish.

Chris holds a CSPM designation, has 13 manufacturer certifications, has helped over 175 clients obtain a license to produce, has completed over 200 site audits and has been part of over 450 applications to date. Chris will also be recognized in the “Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of the Year” magazine and online publication (2023) for his work in the Cannabis industry thus far.

Kevin Balmer

Compliance Advisor and Sales Associate

Brendan Cullen

Equipment Specialist and Master Grower

Catherine Lazure

Social Media Manager

Yatin Jain

Director of Technology and Marketing


COO and Data Manager

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